The Global Mind

The Global Mind is Ithaca College’s first undergraduate scholarly journal for international and public affairs. The Global Mind is a bi-annual student-run publication consisting of policy briefs, research papers, critical essays, current events analyses, feature columns, and books reviews; topics range from international relations to domestic policy to security to economics. Through the journal, our writers contribute to the political dialogue both within the Ithaca College community and in broader academia, and the journal provides students with an outlet to have their work reviewed and published for a greater audience. The journal is entirely a student initiative: Students write all of the submissions, staff the editorial board, solicit manuscripts, and produce the journal. The journal encourages students to submit work from both in and out of the classroom, and encourages professors to support students considering having their work published in The Global Mind.

All views expressed in the journal are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Global Mind, the Department of Politics or Ithaca College.