Submission Guidelines

Contributing writers seeking to be considered for publication in the The Global Mind are encouraged to send their submissions to Authors are required to specify the topic, submission type and title in the subject line of the email (e.g., “Submission Type: TITLE, Topic.”) Authors much attach their submissions as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file with the name according to the following format: LAST NAME_TITLE_SEMESTER.

All Contributing Writers must incorporate bibliographic information into their writing and cite relevant information by hyperlink, rather than in footnotes, parentheses or a formal works cited. For example, Contributing Writers should refer to information like so: “In his 2016 piece, Running the Pentagon Right, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter gave an explanation on the Pentagon’s rebalance to Asia policy.”

Submissions must be received by 11:59 EST the night before each issue’s deadline, which will be announced ahead of time by the Editorial Staff. Submissions must conform to the official copyright, intellectual property and academic integrity policies of Ithaca College.

Tips for Writing

  • Think about your scope
  • Focus on a relatively specific topid with broader implications
  • Highlight an underappreciated aspect of an important issue
  • Write about a topic that you know well
  • Stick to the guidelines
  • Present a clear argument, not just a description
  • Support your argument
  • Proofread

Common Mistakes

  • Avoid taking on a topic that is too broad
  • Avoid trying to cut and paste one of your academic papers
  • Make sure to present a clear argument
  • Make sure to follow directions (length/word count)